Preact 2

  • Performance improvements for asymmetric DOM properties
  • Account for external mutation of properties
  • Fixes #5: props are now passed to Component constructors.
  • Fix: ensure the npm package includes src/ since it's now used by anyone using rollup for bundling (via jsnext:main).
  • Switch to a rollup-powered build, courtesty of @sheepsteak (thanks!)
  • Apply more strict linting around the codebase, removed some unused code. General cleanliness += 1.
  • Fix incorrect behavior where attributes with explicit false values were being skipped.
  • Readme updates as ever.
  • Fix componentWillMount / componentWillUnmount for high-order components
  • Fix detachment of content attributes by preferring their property equivalents where available

Re-add component.setProps() since other libs depend on it